Prime Services

To ensure quality customer service to both loan officers and their clients, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage relies on the Prime Services Group to provide one-stop solutions. The 18-member group serves as both the concierge desk and the help desk for technology as well as providing corporate training. The team also works with loan officers to develop customized marketing programs including management of social media.Once the program is established, the Prime Services Group can execute it seamlessly for loan officers.

The firm offers paperless loan processing and closing, a service that expedites the entire mortgage process. Chief Information Officer Jason C. Frazier leads the group and brings to the company a rich background in technology that has allowed the team to utilize cutting-edge technological solutions.

Prime Services Group - One Team, One Goal

We are doing a lot of great things for our Loan Officers here at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage. Prime Services is the merging of our Technology, Social Media, Marketing, and Training teams. Under one umbrella, we have created a full service Loan Officer support team that we truly feel is unique and second to none in our industry. Below, are a few bullet points that outline what Prime Services does for our Loan officers.

Marketing Concierge Platform

Agent Xperience [learn more]

Quick Response Time

One Email Address, One Number

These are just a few of the items that Prime Services does for our Loan Officers. Our mission statement is simple. We put every Loan Officer in the best possible position to succeed. We take great pride in our concierge approach and our One Team, One Goal attitude. For more information please go to careers or email

Meet the Prime Services Team

One Team One Goal - To put every Loan Officer in the Best Possible Position to Succeed.

Jason Frazier

Chief Information Officer

O: 925-242-4476
C: 925-389-4456
F: 866-802-2733

Clinton Weyland

Vice President of Information Technology

O: 925-242-4424
F: 866-369-5773

Andy Gloria

Director of Prime Services

O: 925-271-7565
C: 510-384-8178
F: 877-438-1891

George Fagundes

First VP of Marketing

O: 925-242-4475
C: 925-339-3210
F: 866-795-1708

Elizabeth Tasker

On-Boarding Director

O: 925-242-4451
C: 415-699-4465
F: 866-896-2197

Renee Rovai

Director of Marketing

O: 925-231-0492
F: 855-859-2618

Noah Darby

IT Manager

O: 925-242-4479
F: 866-237-0833

Greg Johnston

Marketing Technical Associate

O: 925-271-4834
F: 877-917-0637

George C. Albaugh

Systems Administrator

O: 925-271-9116
C: 925-219-6254
F: 855-865-8557

Peter Meza

Systems Administrator

O: 925-202-2899
C: 925-413-2355
F: 866-892-1472

Jon Merlin

Senior Graphic Designer

O: 925-357-3050
C: 925-699-6513
F: 877-564-0925

Jessica Merlin

Marketing Associate

O: 925-203-9722
F: 855-428-8351