Bringing together old-school values and customer service...

Bringing together old-school values and customer service...

SACRAMENTO—Bringing together old-school values and customer service with state of the art technology, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp. has continued to expand in the broader Sacramento market.

Today's Rates

One size doesn’t fit all. That is why we don’t publish mortgage interest rates on our website. Interest rates are applicable to loan types, loan amounts, program types, credit scores, down payment and more.
It is always best to discuss your requirements with a qualified mortgage professional.
They can: 

Credit Repair

It is very important to understand that the term “credit repair” is often abused and misunderstood. Don’t be fooled by companies that promise credit repair by removing negative credit from your report. You cannot remove accurately reported credit information.
Follow these steps:

Get Your Loan Faster

Five ways to make the loan process go faster

Working with a Mason-McDuffie Mortgage professional is your first step in getting your loan closed quickly. Our mortgage banking status and our in-house staff make it possible for us to close loans within 30 days or less.

Here are additional ways to make the process flow smoothly and quickly: 

The Loan Process

Understanding the components will help you feel more comfortable as you go through the loan process and will also help your loan officer spot any red flags along the way should they appear.

The type of loan you are applying for will determine the length of time required for the loan process in completing your loan. Different loan types require different documentation. Your loan officer will walk you through the process up front so you will know what to expect. Typically, most of our loans take less than 30 days to close.


Talk to a mortgage professional before house hunting

Loan Products

Mason-McDuffie Mortgage is a mortgage banker, who will maximize your borrower’s choices of rates and terms and close your loans fast. Instead of having a limited number of lenders when looking for a mortgage, your borrowers will have many lenders and more options including conforming, non-conforming, conventional and government loans. Mason-McDuffie Mortgage employs an experienced staff of in-house FHA DE underwriters and funds from our corporate office. This allows us to turn loans faster than the competition.

Our full range of products include: 

Our Process

Talk to a mortgage professional before house hunting

The first thing you need to do is get pre-approved. This is different from pre-qualifying, as it is a full loan approval instead of an opinion letter. Take this step before looking at homes. Finding out what you qualify for will help you look in the right price range. You would be disappointed if you found a home you liked and then found you couldn't qualify for it. By the same token you may be able to look at more expensive homes than you originally thought possible.

A Career at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage

Our goal is to provide leadership and equip our employees with the training and necessary tools for professional lending success on whatever career path they choose with us. We are a mortgage banker, not a broker, which gives our team a competitive edge.


The advantages we provide:

Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Licensing

Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation (NMLS# 1141) is a California corporation licensed as a Mortgage Banker by the Department of Business Oversight (license number 4130968). Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation is also licensed to provide mortgages in the following states: