Bringing together old-school values and customer service...

Bringing together old-school values and customer service...

SACRAMENTO—Bringing together old-school values and customer service with state of the art technology, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp. has continued to expand in the broader Sacramento market.

Today's Rates

One size doesn’t fit all. That is why we don’t publish mortgage interest rates on our website. Interest rates are applicable to loan types, loan amounts, program types, credit scores, down payment and more.
It is always best to discuss your requirements with a qualified mortgage professional.
They can: 

Credit Repair

It is very important to understand that the term “credit repair” is often abused and misunderstood. Don’t be fooled by companies that promise credit repair by removing negative credit from your report. You cannot remove accurately reported credit information.
Follow these steps:

Get Your Loan Faster

Five ways to make the loan process go faster

Working with a Mason-McDuffie Mortgage professional is your first step in getting your loan closed quickly. Our mortgage banking status and our in-house staff make it possible for us to close loans within 30 days or less.

Here are additional ways to make the process flow smoothly and quickly: