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Real estate veteran Suzy Dukelow has joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage

FALLBROOK—Real estate veteran Suzy Dukelow has joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage to expand Southern California operations.

Dukelow, who moved to Fallbrook last year after spending most of her career in Orange County, will be serving the real estate community from Orange County south into San Diego County.

She said she was delighted to move to Mason-McDuffie after her prior firm closed in June when the owner suddenly decided to retire.

“I feel like I’ve died and gone to Heaven after finding this company,” Dukelow said. “The management team is second to none. They know the business and are doing it because they want to—not because they have to.”

The San Ramon-based Mason-McDuffie Mortgage has a experienced senior leadership team headed by Chairman Herb Tasker, a past-president of the Mortgage Bankers Association, and President and CEO Marilyn Richardson. The firm was re-established in 2005 and has roots in the Northern California real estate business that date to 1887.

Dukelow and her associate of nine years, Petra Law, fit well with Mason-McDuffie, a firm that has built its business on fast and efficient funding of loans for qualified buyers. A core value of the company is quality customer service.

Dukelow spent 20 years selling real estate, including 15 years with new home builders before shifting to the mortgage banking industry 15 years ago.

She was vice-president of Loan Link Financial Services in Aliso Viejo for 13 years.

Ironically, her association with Mason-McDuffie dates from the 1980s when the firm funded the mortgage on her first home.

“This is such a small industry,” she said.

Dukelow has two grown children: Caroline Dukelow, a recent graduate of San Diego State University who is a buyers agent in Palo Alto and will soon at a real estate broker; and Max Dukelow who is training to join Suzy in the mortgage banking industry