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One of Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation’s technology solutions was featured this month on BNET, the CBS Interactive Business Network.

            Jason C. Frazier, Sr. Vice President of the Prime Services Group, was interviewed about a software program utilized by Mason-McDuffie called TeamViewer. Wayne Turmel wrote the piece that analyzed Mason-McDuffie’s use of TeamViewer as well as offering information about considerations when selecting a program.

            TeamViewer allows a centralized IT department to take control of remote computers to both troubleshoot and share information.  More importantly, it’s a user-friendly program that allows loan officers to send TeamViewer to their clients and share information efficiently. It’s easy for clients to use and loads quickly even on slow Internet connection.  The program is critical for a company like Mason-McDuffie with 12 branches in four states all served by the technology department from corporate headquarters in San Ramon.

            “We want to make technology as easy as possible so it’s a help not a hindrance. Anytime we’re evaluating a change, the goal is to take away steps for our employees,” Frazier said. Before joining Mason-McDuffie, Frazier worked with a number of major players in technology and venture capital world such as Peter Thiel’s Clarium Capital and Founders Fund companies.

            The software program is part of Frazier’s broad-based plan to upgrade Mason-McDuffie technology to make the company more efficient for both its clients and its employees.  “I came on board and have been able to decrease costs for equipment and upgrade the technology while maintaining our No. 1 priority—protecting the privacy of our borrowers’ information,” Frazier said.

            The privately-held firm has embarked on a program of replacing laptops with more powerful and lighter versions.  “It’s amazing how low-tech the mortgage banking business has been,” he said. Compared to the state-of-the-art technology firms, he believes Mason-McDuffie has progressed from a 3 on a scale of 10 to a 6.

            His department also has made a significant contribution in phone services. Typically, setting up a new branch involved a $6,000 to $8,000 investment in phone equipment and wiring alone plus the continuing monthly cost of service.  Instead, Mason-McDuffie has switched to an Internet-based voice program (VoIP) powered by 8x8, that has provides local and long distance services. The switch has accelerated the process of setting up a new office to two weeks from about two months. 

            Its part of the overall company goal to warmly welcome new loan officers and equip them immediately with the technology they need to effectively serve their clients.