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Mason-McDuffie Mortgage is proud to announce formation of The Brian Linchey Team

Linchey, a company vice-president and branch manager, was one of the original team that re-introduced the historic Mason-McDuffie brand to the Bay Area mortgage marketplace in 2005.

The San Ramon office, one of the original branches for Mason-McDuffie, consistently has led the firm in both loans closed and volume. Most team members are experienced in the mortgage business and several have been recognized as members of the Mason-McDuffie President’s Club, an honor given annually to the top 10 percent of the loan officers.

In contrast to other companies where loan officers have moved as the industry consolidated and federal regulations altered compensation rules, most of Team Linchey stuck together during the rollercoaster ride of the mortgage crisis.

“We have been through a lot, but we rallied the wagons.

Most of our team work with well-qualified clients and routinely do 30-year fixed-rate mortgages,” said Linchey.

“This is a quality financial services firm that does mortgages. We really care about helping people own their homes,” Linchey continued.

One Mason-McDuffie core value is focusing on efficient service for both its loan officers and their clients. That results in quick and efficient closings that serve both customers.

“We understand that a real estate contract is a binding legal document with performance expectations,” Linchey said. “To perform in a timely manner is critical and Mason-McDuffie’s home office is set up so we can meet and exceed expectations.”

Team members include loan officers Debbie Sundlie, Margie Carino, Jesse Renteria, Greg Heffron, Sarb Hundlie, Norm Whiteman, Karen Creagmile, Teri Banholzer, Jennifer Mize-Claunch, Jonas Champion, Melinda Marees, Anne Toth, Helena M. Jones, Karin Moscato, Jackie James and Denise Murphy.

To contact The Brian Linchey Team, please call

925-241-4311 or email him at

Mason-McDuffie Mortgage is a privately held mortgage banking firm headquartered in San Ramon. It is celebrating 125 years in the real estate industry in the East Bay.