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High-producing Tom Parke Team has joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage

MONTCLAIR- The high-producing Tom Parke Team has joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage here as loan officers and, in addition, to assist in managing the sales team.

Parke and his partner, David Biggs, are part of the growing team at the Oakland office, located at 6472 Moraga Ave., 2nd floor, in the heart of the Montclair district.

Parke and Biggs work as a team, with Parke handling the team's sales/marketing and initial client contact, while Biggs manages the team's production pipeline and ensures easy, smooth, fast closings on every purchase and refinance transaction.

"We are delighted to have Tom and Dave join our team," said branch manager Brian Moggan. "They are high-producers and Tom is willing to share his knowledge with other team members so all of us can grow our business."

They were working at MetLife Home Loans, which earlier this year shut down its mortgage division.

"When we had to leave MetLife, we were heart-broken and didn't know where we were going to go," said Parke. "MetLife was great and we would have stayed there had they not shut down"

"Mason-McDuffie made wonderful service level commitments and showed how it was really going to benefit our clients and our business,"

Parke said. "Looking back, we've learned the difference between working in a big bank with multiple layers of management and working for a privately held firm committed to serving its employees and their clients."

"This move has been life-changing because we've seen how different the mortgage industry can be in a company like Mason-McDuffie," he said.

In his role as sales manager, Parke will be working with loan officers to help them grow their business.

"There are daily disciplines that if loan officers do, their business will grow. We've refined the process over the last 11 years and together we closed over $50 million in loans last year," said Parke.

"We've consistently grown our business year-over-year and believe we can help other team members do the same thing."

To contact Parke, please call (415) 828-5004 or email  Prospective clients can apply online at:

Mason-McDuffie is a privately-held mortgage banking firm headquartered in San Ramon. Its roots in the California real estate business date to 1887.